Due to huge amounts of spam comments and my own busy schedule, I can no longer take questions via this site - please contact me directly at

If you have an urgent design or technical issue, remember that Prettify is an official Shopify theme and you can ask for help and support on the Shopify forums. The Shopify Wiki also has excellent information for working with your theme.

Thanks again for using Prettify!

It’s just been brought to my attention that Shopify’s latest code changes have mangled Prettify a bit and made most of my tutorials obsolete!

If you’re a beginner, then the new Settings area is great as you can change all the colours and things without having to go near the code.

However, if you’d like to learn to customise your shop code using my tutorials then check out my latest tutorial on how to remove the Settings code and reinstate my css files.

Sorry for any confusion!

Also, just to let you know I am really busy these days so don’t always check the comments here regularly. If you have an urgent question, please email me (marceline AT Thanks!

I’ve been adding more articles to the Prettify Tips & Tutorials blog, including the following:

  • How to make a collection of Sold Products
  • Get the most out of Shopify!
  • Add a Top Navigation Menu
  • How to change the banner and avatar

More to come soon, and do leave a comment if there’s something you’d like me to cover.

Back in December, I announced the winner of the Prettify competition as Red Panda Chainmaille. Well, the shop redesign is now complete!

Head on over to the site for a look, or read about the design process on my Asking For Trouble blog

I’ve finally started posting up some tips and tutorials on getting the most out of Prettify and Shopify. First up are tutorials on how to change between the four colour schemes and how to add your own banner and avatar images.

View the Tips & Tutorials blog >>

The winner of the free shop design was Red Panda Chainmaille and I’m working on her new shop right now. You can keep up with progress on my main blog if you like.

Now that the Christmas shopping rush is over, I hope to add some tutorials to this site, like how to make some simple changes to the design to match your branding, as well as some snippets of code to add small changes that can mean a big difference to your customers. If you have any suggestions for tutorials I should write, please let me know!

I’m giving away a FREE Shopify theme design based on Prettify. I’ll edit the images and colours to match your current branding, or come up with something new for you. I’ll also add some extra features that you might need and help you get everything set up.

See my blog for more information and how to enter. Good luck!

Prettify is now available for all Shopify users. You can apply this them via the themes gallery in your Shopify admin.

Please add a comment if you have any feedback on the theme, or to tell me about your shop if you’re using Prettify – I’d love to see it!

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