By popular demand, here are some tips on changing, moving and removing the text area on the Frontpage.

Again, we’ll be making changes in the Assets area of your Shopify Admin, using the Theme Editor.

Theme Editor

Open the index.liquid file and look for the following code (at the bottom of the page):

<div id="articles"> {% for article in blogs.latest-news.articles limit: 1 %} <h3>{{ article.title }}</h3> <div class="article-body textile"> {{ article.content}} </div> {% endfor %} <p><a href="blogs/latest-news">All News >></a></p></div>

This chunk of code is what controls the text. You can move it above your products table, or delete it completely.

The default option on Prettify is that it pulls in one blog post from the Latest News blog. Now, you may have noticed there isn’t actually a blog called Latest News in your Shopify shop! I’m going to blame Shopify for this – they were adding in the Blog functionality as I was coding it so it wasn’t present in Vision and I got the name wrong somewhere along the line.

So, you have two options. You can create a new Blog called Latest News in the Blogs & Pages section of your admin, or you can change the code above. Just swap the two mentions of latest-news for the Permalink/Handle of your existing blog, eg. frontpage, shop-updates or whatever you like.

blog handle

Once you’ve made the changes, save and view your shop.

You can then update your frontpage text by adding new posts to the corresponding blog.

One more thing – if you’d like to show more than one blog entry on your frontpage, you can edit this part of the code

{% for article in blogs.latest-news.articles limit: 1 %}

and change the 1 on the end to any number you like.

I hope this helped you. Please leave a comment if you have any problems.