If you know your way around CSS or feel confident about trying my tutorials to customise your site, you’ll need to remove Shopify’s new Settings file (the thing that lets you choose colours in the Theme Editor. If you do this, changes to the Settings will no longer work – you’ll need to make all your colour and image changes via the CSS and theme files as detailed in my tutorials below. However, you can always change it back by reversing my tutorial below.

If you click into the Theme Editor, underneath the Settings area you’ll see a display of all the files that make up your shop.

Shopify Theme Editor

Open your Theme file at the top of this area and look for this line, near the top

{{ 'style.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}

Change ‘style.css’ to ‘blue.css’ and click Save at the bottom. This will change it back to the original blue style. You can also use ‘red.css’, ‘aqua.css’ and ‘green.css’ to view all four colour schemes. Once you’ve decided on one, just save the file and you’re done.

Have a look at the older tutorials for how to change your banner image and other customisations.

If you have any questions please email me or leave a comment. I don’t check comments all that often so do please email if you need a quick response.